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Natural Skin Care is becoming very popular amongst consumers and rightly so.  As the green movement marches ahead, folks are starting to understand that it’s not simply air pollution and pesticides on our foods that are hurting us, but so are chemically-laden cosmetics and creams.  This is catapulting Natural Skin Care products into the limelight. 

The are many benefits to using Natural Skin Care products.  First, they are good for the Earth!  Products made with chemicals have a negative impact on the Earth’s ecosystem.  Second, they work naturally in conjunction with your skin and body to heal and nourish.  Third, artificial fragrances that are used to hide the odor of the chemicals are being ingested into your lungs and moving through your bloodstream.  Lastly, remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body and anything that is put onto your skin is absorbed into your body and travels through your bloodstream and this includes toxins. 

To rectify this situation and allow your skin to go green, start by looking at the labels on the products.  Is it all natural?  Is it certified organic?  Read the ingredient list and avoid toxins such as parabens, DEA, and Ammonoum Laurteh Sulfate. Government regulations allow over 5,000 various chemicals to be placed in face creams, body creams, bubble baths and make-up. 

Research Natural Skin Care Products and diligently scrutinize every ingredient listed on the label.  Gravitate toward creams that use natural oils such as coconut and sweet almond, which feed the skin and are safely absorbed through the bloodstream.  Never overlook botanicals such as seaweed, rose, lavender and comfrey.  Assure they are derived from organically grown plants.  They offer healing properties and anti-inflammatory positives to your Natural Skin care products.  Keep an eye out for herbal extracts, natural herbals infusions and essential oils.  All  play an important part in keeping your skin healthy.

Much effort is put into saving the Earth from chemicals.  Do yourself a favor and save your body as well by beginning your research on Natural Skin Care products.  Breath better, have healthier looking skin and sleep better at night knowing toxins are not running through your body.


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