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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not all it’s crack up to be.  Although it’s gaining popularity, there can be many side effects associated with cosmetically altering one’s appearance, many of them psychological.

The trend may explain the negative attitude that many people have about their bodies.  The world is ever slowly moving toward perfection but what is the cost for this new found beauty?

Besides the possible physical complications of cosmetic surgery such as blood clots, pneumonia, botched surgery and fluid build up in the skin, psychological problems may have been the underlying cause of partaking in surgery at all.

Many men and women will undergo procedures thinking they will be more attractive to the opposite sex, but many studies indicate that relationships do not improve after one partner undergoes surgery, nor will your love improve simply because you risked surgery.

Tampering with the balance of your unique body may not always result in the outcome one was looking to achieve.  For example, when one partakes in liposuction on their thighs, the fat may gravitate toward another area of the body, such as the stomach. Liposuction destroys the fat cells so if the person gains weight again, it will unevenly distribute itself into other areas of the body.

A tummy tuck may cause your hips to look out of place or breast implants may make your shoulders look odd.  Fuller, plumper lips may force your nose to appear the incorrect side for your face.   Prolonged use of Botox® can force the active muscles around it to eventually protrude and look overpowering to the face.

If Cosmetic Surgery goes wrong and if there’s a problem, the person undergoing the surgery can be emotionally and financially drained.  Many borrowed money to undergo cosmetic surgery to begin with and it they need to correct a botched surgery, to borrow additional money to correct it can be overwhelming.

An alternative to cosmetic surgery is learning how to age gracefully. Proper diet, using natural cosmetics  and skins creams and taking your vitamins can help delay the aging process.


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